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My name is Anthony Ferrante. I am a personal injury attorney who has committed my entire career to fighting for justice for people like you. Since 2007 I’ve helped hundreds of people pick up the pieces after a slip and fall accident and move forward with their lives.

A consultation with me to discuss the details of your case – on the phone, over text or email, or in-person – is absolutely free of charge.

I invite you to give me a call if you’ve been injured in a slip and fall accident. You will get an honest opinion and a clear assessment of your potential injury case. Every matter is taken on a contingency fee basis, which means that if we can help you there will be no fee unless we obtain a verdict or settlement in your case.

Do You Have a Valid Slip and Fall Claim?

If you were caused to fall and sustain an injury as a result of a dangerous condition, it may be worth investigating.

What is a slip and fall (or a trip and fall) accident?

There are countless ways that a person can slip, trip, fall and be injured, but these six (6) are the most common types that we see in our practice:

  1. Trip and fall on a raised, uneven or broken sidewalk
  2. Slip and fall because of water or some other liquid in a store
  3. Slip or trip and fall down the steps of an apartment building or office building
  4. Slip and fall because someone did not clear snow and ice after a snow storm
  5. Slip and fall due to a Landlord’s failure to fix a leaking ceiling
  6. Slip or trip and fall on a sidewalk or temporary walkway because of ongoing construction

What do I need to prove in a slip and fall accident case?

The most important question – and the first thing we ask any potential slip and fall client – is “What Caused You To Fall?” The answer to this question can shape the outlook of your potential case.

  1. That there was a dangerous condition that caused the fall
  2. That we can identify the party responsible for the dangerous condition
  3. That the responsible party either created the dangerous condition or had “notice” of the dangerous condition

New York slip and fall FAQs:

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