New York Slip & Fall Attorney

My name is Anthony Ferrante. I am a personal injury attorney who focuses on premises liability cases in New York City. I created this website to help you understand your legal rights and remedies following a slip and fall or trip and fall accident in the state of New York.

If you’ve been injured as the result of a slip (or trip) and fall accident, I suggest you begin by reading these these two (2) articles:

  1. Immediate steps to take after an accident
  2. The traits of a valid slip and fall case

These articles will help you understand the basics of slip and fall cases, and whether you may be able to sue the negligent party, based on the specifics of your case.

From there, I suggest you browse the following New York slip and fall FAQs:

At any time during your research, I invite you to contact me to discuss your case. I offer 100% free and confidential consultations. Once I understand the specifics of your case, I’ll be able to tell you whether you ought to consider filing a lawsuit, or whether another course of action is more appropriate.

To learn more about me, you can read my bio here. You can also see what my past clients and my peers in the legal field say about me on my Avvo profile.