Frequently Asked Questions

By Anthony A. Ferrante, Esq.

How Long Will My Slip & Fall Or Trip & Fall Case Take?

The answer is that it depends upon a lot of different factors. In general, in New York City: From the date you file a lawsuit to the date you get a trial date, it’s between two and a half to three and a half years to the date you get a trial date. Sometimes it […] Read on

What Can I Do To Help Support My Slip & Fall Case?

You should follow my Immediate Steps to Take Following a Slip & Fall Accident: Take Photographs Report the Accident Get Medical Attention Preserve Evidence Avoid the Insurance Company And once your claim is set up and proceeding, the most important thing to do is let your doctors do their job of trying to get you better. […] Read on

How Much Compensation Can I Recover For a Slip & Fall Accident?

As a matter of course, every client that ever comes to me, I generally refuse to give any kind of estimates of a case value up front. I refuse to talk about money until such time as the case is fully developed and we’re nearing trial, because only then will I have a good idea of, […] Read on

What Is The New York Statute Of Limitations For Premises Liability Cases?

Suing a Private Individual or Corporation If an accident occurs in a private building or on a private piece of property and there’s no municipal involvement, the statute for negligence in New York State is three (3) years. And that’s measured from the date of the accident. This means that you must file a lawsuit three […] Read on

Do I Need to File an Accident Report After My Fall?

I would say, generally, yes. It’s always good to file an accident report because it is going to provide proof that your fall actually happened, contemporaneous with the accident. That word – contemporaneous – is important, especially where a defendant is trying to dispute that your fall even happened.  So taking the time to make […] Read on