Posted on Jan 03, 2016 By Anthony A. Ferrante, Esq.

You should follow my Immediate Steps to Take Following a Slip & Fall Accident:

  1. Take Photographs
  2. Report the Accident
  3. Get Medical Attention
  4. Preserve Evidence
  5. Avoid the Insurance Company

And once your claim is set up and proceeding, the most important thing to do is let your doctors do their job of trying to get you better. Really, the most important thing for any person to do is to get themselves better. Follow doctors’ instructions and try to get better. And in the process of getting better, you’re going to help yourself by building the medical evidence that an attorney would need to prove your case.

If you can contact a witness, or if you could track down a witness that nobody else could find, that might be helpful. A lot of times an attorney would do that for you by hiring an investigator, but it would save you money, as a plaintiff, to do it because an investigator costs the file money.

And that’s eventually your money.

There are other things along those lines. I’ve seen clients go out and get videos, such as surveillance videos. An attorney is often unable to get a surveillance video of an accident site or an accident scene without a Court Order. But you can sometimes been successful by sweet talking their way into getting a video that an attorney would never, ever, ever get their hands on absent a Court order.

But the important thing to benefit your case will be to make sure you get the medical attention that you need. It is of the utmost importance.